Best metaverse (meta) platform >> There is no direct answer to this question because every person has their own preference. Some of the most popular metaverse platforms are HyperVerse, Sandbox, Decentraland and Nakamoto.

Metaverse (meta) - What is it

Metaverse is a collectively shared three-dimensional virtual space. It can be seen as a floor of the internet, which is an environment of media (text, image, video, audio), while Metaverse is an environment of places and spaces. Life in the Metaverse takes place in real time.

How does it work

Metaverse is a platform with generic technology – just as the internet protocol is open in nature and not owned by one or another market party. Access to the Metaverse is possible through a variety of devices, including tablets, smartphones, and virtual reality equipment.
Because it is a digital environment, you can move through it in different shapes and in different ways. Digital identities that people now possess (think of social media profiles) will also play an emphatic role in Metaverse, with the difference that identity is not limited to a name and image, but can also be a virtual figure that can communicate in real time, move and can change shape.


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